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Each enterprise has its own unique DNA captured by its history, purpose and processes. While they all can benefit from adopting a Product Mindset, commonly used product frameworks often try to fit the organizational needs to the methodology rather than developing a methodology that best meets an organization’s unique needs.

Product Genome is xScion’s customer-focused, flexible framework approach to Product Management that is designed to cater to the unique challenges enterprises face by:

  • Clearly defining the customers’ problem.
  • Exploring customer needs.
  • Creating a Product Vision grounded in delivering business value.

Product Genome provides a structured blueprint of a product’s value driven by a clear understanding of the customer’s problem space and needs. Built within the structure is flexibility to respond to emerging challenges and adapt to changes in the competitive environment. The Product Genome process ultimately leads to developing the unique product that most efficiently and effectively solves the customers’ problem.



Anant Round-1Anant Dhavale

Anant Dhavale is an experienced, industry leading Techno-Business Consultant. He has helped some of world’s largest Fortune 500 companies optimize their Processes, Products and Business Ecosystems. He specializes in Product Management, Business Architecture and Business Value Acceleration and frequently publishes thought leadership articles, whitepapers and case studies on key topics and latest trends affecting the industry.

Kevin RoundKevin Heisey

Kevin Heisey writes about Applied Economics, Management and Business. He has contributed to numerous books, academic and trade journals, and business blogs.



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