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The transition from Waterfall to Agile has resulted in significant changes in the IT workplace. There have been deep impacts across organizational structures that once used traditional Project Management methods, including to roles, methods, practices and even the structure and administration of IT portfolios. Today, even the most traditional enterprises are shifting their focus from Projects to Products. This shift leads to a fundamental question – can Project Managers exist in an Agile world? And if so, how?

We believe Project Managers can adapt to and thrive in Agile environments, with transition steps built upon Lean Agile practices.

This change is not frictionless but can provide organizations the best of Project Management and Agile principles. In this eBook, you'll discover how Project Managers can evolve in this new, Agile world.

  • At a Team Level, Project Managers will need to upskill and evolve into roles such as the Scrum Master, Product Owner and RTE.
  • At a Portfolio Level, Project Managers will get involved in multiple activities in ‘evolutionary roles’.
  • In a hybrid structure, Project Managers will work closely with Scrum teams, continue doing some of the Project Manager activities and also learn and adopt to emerging Agile practices.

Yes, Project Managers Exist in an Agile World provides tips and solutions to help you develop successful Agile Product teams and implement new strategies that can transform your organization and Turn Change Into Value®.

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