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Organizations are rapidly transforming to meet their customers’ demands for fast, seamless and user-friendly technologies. As new processes, organizational changes and technologies are implemented, organizations want validation that their transformation has minimal risk of failure. IV&V activities can occur as soon as a new concept is introduced, regardless of the size of transformation.

For Rapid Engagement IV&V, smaller transformation assessments lasting as few as 6 weeks to a few months, you benefit from quick and early insights by assessing if your concept is sound and if the tools, process and people are in place to successfully carry it out. Recommendations, provided through early feedback loops, address gaps identified during the engagement, as well as validate current use of industry best practices.

Optimize Your Digital Transformation with Rapid Engagement IV&V provides real-world examples, including:

  • Common challenges best addressed by Rapid Engagement IV&V
  • Example Engagement Roadmap
  • Agile and Continuous Feedback Approaches

Rapid Engagement IV&V can save you time, reduce the risk of going in the wrong direction and rework, supplement your in-house knowledge and ensure you deliver the optimal value as quickly as possible.

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