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Many organizations are spending significant time and resources making the shift from traditional Product Management to Product journeys driven by a laser focus on their customers. This Product-centric shift brings great return on investment by creating more seamless and collaborative enterprises that leverage Agile and Cloud to deliver faster value to their customers.

Transform into Product-centric

An important distinction in the Project to Product shift is that the holistic change impacts the entire organization, requiring buy-in at all levels. This shift creates fundamental changes throughout an organization and its culture.

Here we share real-world tips and lessons learned on how to overcome common challenges faced along the Product journey.

  • Learn how to establish and communicate a clear vision across all levels
  • Understand how Change Management frameworks help create a culture of change
  • Assess the intersection of the people, processes and technology that impacts new ways of working, including Agile and Cloud technologies.

Transform into Product Centric with Agile & Cloud provides practical tips and solutions to help you develop successful Agile Product teams and implement new Cloud technologies that can transform your organization and Turn Change Into Value®.

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