Organizations undergoing digital transformations are often faced with challenges that slow their progress, especially due to organizational inertia and cultural buy-in. By leveraging Agile and DevOps, you can overcome these challenges – but how do you effectively implement and scale both?

Agile and DevOps are both based on working across teams and breaking down silos for better communication and collaboration in meeting customer needs. Agile is customer-focused with its own pace of Sprints and iterations, while DevOps features automation and a Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment pipeline with frequent, ongoing releases. The approaches can be complementary, but they have differences that must be considered.

Learn how to integrate both with tips in 4 key areas:

  • Understand that Agile & DevOps are not business goals
  • Break down silos and gain buy-in
  • Merge Agile and DevOps
  • Create value

    4 Tips for Integrating Agile & DevOps


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