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4 Communication Strategies for Agile Success

Communication is one of the primary roadblocks to Agile Transformation, and one that you likely experience if your organization practices Agile. 

Do any of these challenges sounds familiar to you?

  • Leadership and practitioners have different visions and priorities, often resulting in missed deadlines or misaligned goals
  • Different layers of internal bureaucracies are not clearly communicated among teams, causing increased delays and unclear marching orders
  • Centralized and decentralized decision making is not formalized across the organization, reducing the ability for the right people to make the right decision at the right time
  • Success measures are unclear and/or poorly communicated, creating uncertainty of goals at all levels.

If you face similar issues, join us for a discussion that highlights four key strategies to improve communication across your Agile organization.   

You’ll learn how effective communication can help your Agile organization:

  • Create a unified big picture
  • Shift priorities
  • Make better decisions
  • Measure and achieve success



Bhavani Krishnan, Agile Expert

Change begins with the heart of the individual and ripples through the collective mindset of the organization – Bhavani understands this well, amongst a Agile coaching population focused so heavily on frameworks and tactics, which always challenge the intellect. Bhavani surfaces and resolves the fear that underlies change by seeking all perspectives and striving for a renewed connection between people in a way that naturally supports Adaptive thinking. She is a consummate professional who has demonstrated Agile coaching successes all the way to the most senior executive level. At the same time, she remains an avid, life-long learner and a willing and accomplished collaborator and servant leader. She strives  to create a healthy balance between provocative and practical. Bhavani holds an alphabet soup of certifications: ICP, ICP ATF, SPC 4.0, CSM, and PMI ACP.

Mason Chaudhry
Mason Chaudhry is Principal, Delivery for xScion. Mason led the development of xScion’s Maturity Models which help customers along their Agile, Data and Development journeys. Mason has over a decade of experience assisting small and large enterprises adopt next generational tools, processes and technology designed to expedite product development, reduce costs and most importantly, improve customer experience. Mason has been a practitioner, leader and coach in both the commercial and Federal sectors. Mason is PMI, ITIL, CMMI, SAFe and ISO training certified.


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