Most companies recognize that data is a core asset for their business but are often unable to maximize its use and effectiveness in their daily operations. Successfully transforming into a data and information company requires a full understanding of where gaps exist in your current enterprise operations and a clear roadmap that provides a logical, stepwise approach to building the core capabilities needed to become a data driven company. But where do you start? 

In just 30 minutes, we will walk you through the Agile Data Maturity Model (ADMM), a proven framework designed to help define your data journey. We first assess your company’s current state, and then provide an executable business plan to develop and strengthen the capabilities needed to evolve into a data company.

Our ADMM experts have helped multiple large healthcare and financial institutions identify data weaknesses and mature their enterprise operations using ADMM. We’ll share the lessons they learned to help you improve.

You’ll learn:

  • Key benefits and organizational necessities for data maturity
  • The 6 dimensions and associated capabilities needed to be a successful data company
  • How to assess and gaps in your current operations
  • How to implement a step-by-step playbook achieve data maturity

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