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7 Assumptions NOT to Make About Data Governance


Is your organization struggling to successfully scale and sustain Data Governance across the enterprise? If you are like most companies, the answer is yes.

Whether your organization is just starting or trying to mature your Data Governance program, there are common challenges that can delay or hinder your success. Our experts will walk you through seven real world stories of incorrect assumptions and “what not to do” – and provide tips to fix each one.

  1. Data Governance is only about information security and access.
  2. Technology drives the business.
  3. Governance doesn't need dedicated resources.
  4. Territorialism exists with data decision making.
  5. Executive influence will solve all the issues.
  6. Grandiose plans will inspire and create results.
  7. The Data Governance journey will be quick. 

Do these assumptions sounds familiar at your organization? If so, watch our experts have a candid Data Governance conversation about what not to do so you can be successful. 


Dick Wilson, Data Governance Expert
Dick Wilson has more than 20 years of industry experience in technology and operations with large financial institutions in both the US and China. He focuses on delivering strategy, information architecture and solutions for risk, client management, regulatory compliance and strategic business information needs in highly complex environments, as well as establishing real-world data management oversight to maintain the integrity of data.

Vikas Arya, Principal of Strategy Execution
Vikas has 20 years of combined consulting and leadership experience in the areas of Enterprise Strategy, Data Governance, Program Research and Design, Policy Analysis, and Technology Management. 


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