If your company is like most, you are undergoing transformations to your processes, technology stack and teams to better serve your customers, reduce costs and work faster. Despite everyone’s best efforts, only 33% of digital transformations achieve praiseworthy results.

How do you gain the clarity needed to achieve a successful transformation? Business Architecture.

Join Mason Chaudhry, xScion’s CTO and Ivan Blinov, Business Process Management expert, in our on-demand webinar as they explain how to:

  • Bridge the disconnect between strategy and execution by mapping Stakeholders, Process, Technology, Policy & Capabilities.
  • Implement Business Architecture best practices into your Application Portfolio Management, Solutions Architecture and Performance Management.
  • Optimize your technology stack by aligning Business with IT, especially if you are considering or implementing automation technologies, such as Salesforce, Pega, Appian or more.


Click the video above to watch the webinar.

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