Transforming ADMM xScionTransform Into A Data-Driven Organization Using the Agile Data Maturity Model

Becoming a data-driven company is not as simple as flipping the switch on a new technology tool. Transforming is a significant undertaking for any organization because it requires a new way of thinking and operating the business. Created to help companies start the process – and successfully transform – xScion created the Agile Data Maturity Model™ (ADMM). ADMM is a scalable, executable framework that shows were you current are on your data journey and what is required to mature into a data-driven organization.

You’ll learn:

  • How to bridge the gap between a data-driven organization’s executive vision and operational ability

  • The six dimensions required for data maturity

  • How ADMM helped a client assess their data gaps and provided an executable strategy for improvement

Authored by Vikas Arya, Principal of Strategy
Vikas Arya has spent nearly 2 decades helping Government and Commercial organizations plan and execute their business and technology strategies. He lead the creation of the ADMM to help companies address the disconnect between executives’ vision for how their company utilizes data and daily operations.