How to Effectively Use Advanced Data Analytics

You’ve heard it before, “better understanding your claims data can help reduce costs by identifying patterns and root causes of loss”.

Yet, how do you transition effectively – and successfully – from a traditional EDW to new technology platform that gives you improved speed and real cost savings? We’ll show you how in this free on-demand webinar.

Watch Mason Chaundhry, Enterprise Operations Principal and Ramesh Kovuri, Health Data Expert at xScion discuss their real-world experience successfully implementing this for one of the largest payers in the Mid-Atlantic. 

Our experts will walk you through the 5 steps to:

  • Implement a Hadoop data lake
  • Test and ingest large data sets
  • Create real-time dynamic reporting
  • Predict outcomes
  • Expand ROI by levering the technology in unexpected areas

 We’ll share the challenges, insights and real-world expertise we’ve gained helping our client – so you can be better prepared for your transition.

Click the video above to watch the webinar.

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