Software testing and QA can easily slow down the software production process – and more than 60% of people name it as the number one process hold up.

Shifting left makes QA start on day one, which brings the focus on quality from the moment the development begins instead of waiting until the standard testing timeline later in the process.

Learn how to transform QA from a bottleneck to an enabler by:

  • Scaling automation
  • Implementing in-sprint automation processes for rapid development
  • Collaborating beyond QA

Mason Chaudhry, Enterprise Operations Principal and Rajat Sud, Solutions Architect at xScion, discuss their real-world experience successfully shifting QA left for one of the largest insurers of federal employees in the U.S.

They share the challenges, insights and real-world expertise we’ve gained helping our client, so you can understand the potential impact this can make at your organization – and how to implement it.


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