In Part 2 of our Shifting QA Left Series, learn why Behavior Driven Development (BDD) can facilitate better interaction between all stakeholders and resolve any development ambiguity at the beginning of the process, while also streamlining downstream development and testing tasks. 

BDD, often gets referred to as a means to better embody the ideals of Agile, was derived from Test-driven Development, BDD. However, BDD encompasses all stakeholders and allows you to get everyone on the same page early in the development process.

Mason Chaudhry, Enterprise Operations Principal and Rajat Sud, Solutions Architect at xScion, explain how to use behavior driven development to improve your organization.

Piggy backing off Part 1 of our Shifting QA Left webinar series: Resolving One of CI/CDs Biggest Bottlenecks, our experts conduct a quick technical demonstration of test automation and explain how we've enabled various clients to build robust risk-driven testing infrastructure, while enabling rapid test automation - even before development gets under way.


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