Optimize Agile Training


Step 1: Gain Executive Championship

A successful Agile Transformation requires more than just Agile training. A change in culture, reporting and metrics is necessary at all levels, including the leadership team. Gaining buy-in from Stakeholders and identifying Executive Champions helps drive change throughout the entire enterprise and creates an environment for Agile teams to optimally leverage the knowledge gained from classroom training. It is critical that management aligns performance reviews and metrics to new ways of workings.

Download the infographic and learn how to:

  • Align reporting to Agile methodologies
  • Communicate an Enterprise Change Management Plan
  • Apply Agile to Portfolio Level activities

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Gain Executive Championship Infographic



About the Series:

Many organizations invest in hours of Agile training for their teams but don’t see the desired return on their investments. Transformations often become stalled when teams gain new skills but struggle to consistently apply their knowledge upon returning to an evolving Agile business environment. For many teams, Agile training alone does not equate to a successful Agile Transformation.

Our three-part infographic series provides tactical solutions to overcome common challenges teams face upon returning to the workplace after Agile training.